Calgary Business :

Calgary Business INFO is driven to connect business and build our communities.  We help businesses of all sizes connect within the local community, we want to build a strong and thriving community, after all this is where we work live and raise our families.

What We Offer:

We can help you accelerate your growth with our tools and programs.  We off leadership training, workshops, marketing advice and the chance to promote your business through our network.  Our network contains more than 1,000 local business owners for you to make connections, sales contacts and mentorship programs.  The easiest way to grow your business is the get the help from someone who has been there.

Making Connections

We put together monthly business gatherings where you can connect with peers in your industry or make contacts with suppliers or future customers.  Our meetings our put together in a casual atmosphere to make connections that much easier.  We patronize local restaurants that reflect the vibrant business community right here at home.  This is where leaders are built.

Want to Become a Leader in Your Industry

We offer members the opportunity to speak on the challenges and successes that are facing their industry.  Tap into the experience of other members to help overcome your challenges and make your business leaner and more competitive.

It is our long term goal to make a positive impact on our community, to inspire young entrepreneurs and make Calgary the best place to live and work in the country.  Come and join us on this mission.


Looking for Business in Calgary ?

Panda Flowers
5628 Coach Hill Rd. S W
Calgary, Alberta T3H3K4
Telephone: 403-816-7220

Advanpro Ltd.
11985 44 St SE, Calgary, AB T2Z 4G9
(403) 873-7779

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