Top reason to do business in Calgary


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Logistics plays a key role in shaping Calgary’s business hub. The Highway 2 running through the city connects to the CANAMEX corridor. The business route links running from the central part of Canada runs through the entire western USA into Mexico. The other major logistics hub in Calgary is the Canadian Pacific Railways (CP) and the Canadian National Railway CN).  The CP connects to the major port of Vancouver in the west.  Towards the South it spans to cover Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia, etc. Similarly the CN connects to the major air and sea ports from Prince Rupert to Halifax in the east coast of Canada.

Calgary Small Business for Exports

The small businesses in Calgary have reached a stage wherein they can export their products to the countries in the Americans, Europe, and the other continents globally. The global market research council set up by the Alberta provincial government plays a key role in collection of statistical data for the exporters.

  • Micro Voucher Program: The micro voucher program for the local small business exporters can generate grants from 5,000 C$. The result has been a growth of 13% increase in exports from Calgary and the rest of Alberta, which is more than the target achieved by the other Canadian provinces.
  • Calgary Innovation Coalition (CIC): The CIC programs for SME in Calgary offers support from the startup stages to the design and development of products. As an entrepreneur, you can put forward your ideas at the various events organized as a part of the program. For example the Pixels and Pints event scheduled for January 2018 at the Hudsons Canadian Tap House, 601-12Avenue-Southwest has openings for the graphic designers and the web application developers.  Similar programs like the business model programs, technology meets, and other events in the month of January 2018 aim to give maximum support for the small business exporters.

Calgary Innovation for SME

  • Unique Business model: You can assess your business and product ideas with the help of CIC by analyzing your sales type, cost of goods, cost structure (with reference to competitors), resources (men, material, methods, money, and machines), scalable factors (business model), etc.


  • Target Market Research: The CIC helps you in developing product ideas and designs for your target market. You need to propose the original idea which can be developed into products. Then you get help in identifying the target consumers in Alberta, other Canadian provinces, and the entire North America.
  • Support to Establish: At this stage you make a commitment to the CIC for developing and promoting your product exports. The CIC experts validate your research papers on product design and target market statistical data. Then they suggest the probable methods to upsize your targets and establish your export business.
  • Freedom to Expand: Once you have established your export SME, it opens up the local and export markets on a large scale for you. You can work through the value proposition for every product you design and manufacture. For example the CIC helps you in researching on the probable growth factors, competition, market limitations, opportunities, risks, and the rewards. Once this is done, you will be able to rest run your product in the chosen target market. The results will encourage you to go ahead with the existing strategy for marketing and sales, or it gives you ideas about the changes you need to make. After you implement these changes, you will be able to expand your market with practically no limitations.
  • Vendor Research Support: The completion of supply chain system from the stage of design and production happens with support for vendor research. The CIC can help you search for vendors and service providers in Alberta for your specific industry. (
  • Logistics Support: As explained in the beginning of this article, the CANAMEX, CP and the CN can connect your production unit and the warehouse to all the export channels. The Export Development Canada (EDC) office at the Suite-2403-308-4th Avenue SW-Calgary – PH: (403) 817-6700 can provide you with plenty of information and support. You can also contact the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) and the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers (CSCB) to simplify the statutory procedures related to documentation, bills of lading, customs clearances, etc.

Calgary EDC Equity Investments

The EDC has several programs for equity investments to support your SME business venture. The organization can also help you make overseas direct investments through loans. The goal is to expand the scope of Calgary SME sectors in the global markets. You can get support to access the markets in Europe, Asia, Africa, and other continents. According to the statistics published in November 2017, the organization has helped more than 91% of the SME in Calgary to establish and expand export businesses in and around the city and the rural areas.

Calgary Local Business Promotion

The EDC has several progressive programs for the SMEs doing local business from Calgary. You can get support for researching the target markets, supply procurements, business establishment, product manufacturing, and resources utilization. You can also get support for designing and developing new and innovative products.

  • Business Development Bank: The Business Development bank of Canada at T2P-0X8-Branch-No-900 Calgary (1-888-463-6232) can help you with short and long term business loans. SMEs in Calgary have experienced growth of 60% to 80% during 2017.
  • Product Improvement: The Alberta division of the EDC supports innovative product development for the local markets. The programs launched by the CIC and the EDC aim at reducing the carbon emission and other harmful chemicals used in the products. The organic markets in Calgary provide support for organic dairy, sea foods,  organic agricultural produce, and other types of specialty organic packed foods. You can establish organic orchards to grow fruits and vegetables with the help of Alberta government. The Calgary farmers’ market located at the 510 – 77 Avenue SE gives you direct connectivity with the local consumers. You can increase your sales through direct marketing and advertising.