Every new business in Calgary requires registration with the city`s authority upon which a business ID will be issued. For businesses that will require a physical location, approval for the use of land will also be required. Importantly, not all businesses in Calgary will require licensing with the municipality, but it is mandatory to register the business to acquire the business ID. The city`s website page offers detailed information about various business types that you can operate and indicates clearly whether licensing is required for the particular business.

The city is very welcoming for business owners and co-operative as well. It offers help in registering your business and determining various permits and license requirements. Before approaching the city to register your business, it is important to have some requirements in check beforehand. Ensure that you have an established location for your business, check the space available, understand your business and ownership and finally, register the business name.

Why Calgary is Ideal for New Businesses

New businesses are capable of making tremendous growth and success in Calgary more than most places in Canada. To start with, most people here are into the oil and cattle business and, therefore, any other new business idea faces little or no competition. Competition in business is the major challenge to startups because it causes a rise in starting capital. Second, the city`s authority is friendly willing to help in the registration processes. Also, there are few expenses regarding registration, licensing and permits that make it easy and quick to register a
business in Calgary.

Additionally, Calgary welcomes non-residents to establish their businesses as well. This means that as a non-resident in this city, there is no discrimination against establishing your business. Calgary allows for non-residents to establish their businesses in the city without necessarily having a permanent residence which is encouraging for franchise businesses and multinationals companies seeking to expand their operations to this part of the world.