How to Find a Good Video Company

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Corporate videos help your organization to connect with people through short thematic films that represent your brand and business profile. A good video company shall work closely with your team and management to get insight into some of the critical aspects of your business, brand and the target audience. Specialization and experience in your specific business field is the primary criterion for the calgary video production like Sightline Studios based In calgary Alberta          .

Search in Social Media

Social media has grown into an inseparable part of everyday business. Most of the successful video production companies use it for promotion and marketing. They showcase all their talent, skill and experience for you to watch. It is also the platform where you can find the maximum number of quality reviews about a company. Client testimonials, feedback and ratings help you find the best company for your needs.

The reviews and testimonials you read should be from the clients in your field. For example, if you own a soft drink brand which needs to be publicized, read the related reviews. Trying to analyze a shoe manufacturing video may not help you much.

Talk to your Friends

Talk to your friends and business partners (vendors, service providers, etc) about their experience in working with the video production companies. They can give you valuable references to the potential companies that can fulfill your needs.

Make a list of at least 4 to 5 video companies and start talking to them. Assign the task to different teams having a minimum of 3 members. It helps in saving time and analyzing the companies more efficiently.

Prepare the Groundwork

Before you talk to the company directly, you will need some groundwork preparation. Decide on the goal of your video and the target audiences. Write down your expected goals and the approximate deadline for each achieving them.

Prepare the required documents related to your company profile, product /service range, technical and functional specifications, how to use/operate, safety features, precautions, etc.  Make a list of the actors (from your company or externals) to be featured in the video and write down their specific roles. Make sure you have covered all the aspects of your requirements in the documents. Frequent changes to the requirements can only confuse the video company and waste your valuable time.

If you have any creative idea about the storyline, do make a note of it. It helps since you know about your target audience and their probable expectations. Consult your team member and prepare the project details. Frequent interaction between your team members can help in the elimination of ambiguity.

Finalize the project requirements and ensure every team member understands them. Plug all the communication gaps between your team members and make sure all of you speak the same “language” with the video company. Conflicting interests and goals can confuse the best video production specialists and the results could be more horrible than you can imagine.

Watch Samples

Sample videos tell you a lot about the company’s expertise in your field. Are they able to communicate the core message to the audiences? Can they attract the audience attention and retain till the end. An analysis of their recent projects gives you an insight into their presentation perspectives and techniques.

Some of the primary parameters you need to observe could be the storyline, content, presentation style, depth, and the direction. If the video can summarize the entire narrative within the shortest session with consistent focus on the target goal, you can certainly consider company for hiring.

Talk to the Specialists


Experience and Specialization

Talk to the company representatives about their experience in your field and with your target audiences. Let them explain with the help of the best sample videos they have shot. Observe the flow in the storyline and the match it with the explanation by the presenter. If there is no “gap”, you can trust it is their original video.

Ask them about their experience in making viral videos and the success rate. Take time to watch a few of them. Ask for live video links and note down the views, rating, comments etc. It gives you an idea about the company’s dynamic strategy for promotional and marketing videos.

Show Snapshots

Show the snapshots of your office, production unit, products, service brochures, and related locations and objects. Explain briefly about your target audiences and goals. Let them formulate a sample storyline and present it to you. It is the direct way of evaluating the video company’s efficiency and specialization.

Showing the snapshots also helps the video company team to understand your specific requirements. They may take some time for the presentation, but that’s ok. You need to check how effectively they have understood your brand, business profile, audience expectations, and the nature of video to be created. Be prepared to give your input whenever they need it. Frequent interaction with their team will help in shaping the best possible presentation.

Understand their Technology

The technology and equipment of the video company plays a critical role in determining the production quality and appeals of the video. Ask them about the camera, lighting, multimedia devices, microphones, Wi-Fi equipment, recording format, editing techniques, software, etc. This information tells you a lot about their commitment to quality and audience engagement.

Understand their Team

The video company’s team working in pre-production setup, scripting and story-boarding, production, and post-production editing are the key members you should talk to. If a company is not hesitant in allowing one-to-one communication, you can trust their openness in doing business. Try and gather the maximum of information from the team members.

Understand their Clientele

You can ask the video company about a few clientele references. Talk to them and take their opinion. Most of them will be glad to share their experience with the company and give you unbiased opinion.

Discuss and Decide

Make detailed notes about the discussions you had with the video company team and the observations you made from their sample videos, and presentations. Now it is time to discuss with your team members and to make a decision.